Rawr Chihuahuas

Welcome to Rawr Chihuahuas!

Home to  quality purebred CKC registered Long and Smooth coat Chihuahuas.

We are active members of The Chihuahua Club of Canada, Edmonton Kennel Club and The Toy Dog Club of ALberta.


Chihuahuas Extraordinaire

More Wag, Less Bark


CKC Registered

We do not breed Merle Chihuahuas

We do not breed "TeaCup" Chihuahuas

There is no such thing as a TeaCup chihuaha. The sad truth is they are runts of a litter or manufactured by unethical breeders as a fad to sell at high prices. Our Chihuahuas tend to be 2-6 lbs in accordance with our breed standard.

Merle Chihuahuas are not eligible to be registered in Canada. They are also banned from most countries in the world, the USA being the exception..